Joshua D Altobelli
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Work Experience

Employer: That's My Ticket

Position: Framing and Canvas Making

Assembling frames and canvases for sports memorabilia

Employer: Worcester Art Museum

Position: Gallery Attendant

Protecting priceless artwork in each exhibit and maintaining the rules of conduct

Employer: ARCHway

Position: Residential Instructor

Assisting, teaching and protecting individuals with severe mental disabilities

Employer: US Census Bureau

Position: Census Enumerator

Official government job, driving to listed addresses and issued US Census test

Employer: DCTV

Position: Cameraman

Work-study job through school, operate camera and recording equipment during events for local television station

Other Experience

I have been the president of the UMass Dartmouth Anime Club, I have done volunteer work with HCTV 11 and the Genesis Club’s Art Committee, and I have completed an internship with WCCA 13.